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    The latest luxury for our aging clietelle looking for the fountain of youth is the so-called "voice-lift," designed to make patients' voices sound more youthful.

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Overview Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal  » Overview Of Laser Hair Removal

Virtually Pain free Hair Removal


Pain Free Laser Hair Removal?
Sonata DeviceThat’s what patients report, time and time again after being treated with the SopranoXL in SHR mode. This revolutionary new module provides effective laser hair removal because it safely and gently heats the dermis to a temperature that damages the hair follicle and prevents re-growth. The SHR protects the epidermis, and no analgesics are required.

SopranoXL SHR works in motion, with a sweeping technique that eliminates a common problem of missed or skipped spots. The comprehensive coverage means smooth legs, arms, backs and stomachs for your patients without the pain. In fact, patients have even compared the SHR experience to a hot stone massage.

  HR Mode   SHR Mode
  • Fastest laser hair removal - up to 3 Hz
  • Virtually Pain Free- With the new SHR mode and "In Motion" technique patients feel very little discomfort.
  • Reliable results - The Sopranos Continuous Wave diode technology provides consistency in every treatment
  • Safe and effective - the Unique BlendMode pulsing 10-1,350 ms provides a safe and effective way for treating patients with any skin type.
  • Treats all types of hair - Powerful gold standard diode treatment head (up to 120 J/cm2) allows treatment of any type of hair.
  • Simple to use - The SopranoXL has 7 different treatment programs, one for each of the potential skin types plus the new SHR mode.
  • Incresed patient comfort - with the SopranoXL DualChill™ technique your patients with feel at easy and comfortable during treatments.
  • Increased profitability - The SopranoXL requires no office consumables and is capable of treating the full array of patient skin types, maximizing your investment.

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